My work is client-centered and interactive. This is your time and we will work in those areas that are most immediate and important to you. I will provide feedback and support by offering alternative ideas and approaches to address your life issues. Past successes and personal strengths will be strengthened to create a strong internal foundation. If there are childhood traumatic issues, such as neglect or abuse, this foundation will allow the processing and release of the traumas. 

My treatment approach is holistic. I utilize a variety of techniques coming from a systems theory, using Bilateral Stimulation, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Cognitive-Behavioral, Family-of-origin, Lifespan Integration, Creative modalities including art, writing, clay, movement for emotional expression.

Difficulty can be caused by many reasons; such as challenges with relationships, past or present traumas, chronic diseases/pain, loss of a relationship, a loved one, your career or a change in your overall health.  Everyone experiences stress in their own way.  Some become depressed, withdrawn, have nightmares, are anxious and overwhelmed most of the time, while others become angry or isolate themselves.  Studies show that people can become physically ill; if the emotional trauma is allowed to last too long. 

THE FIRST STEP...We Begin With  establishing  confidentiality  
between client and therpist.  This ensures you that this is 
a safe space to  process your work .

We begin the therapeutic process by gathering information 
related to the issue you bring in,  your personal 
experiences and your goals in therapy.

We determine if we are a good fit for 
therapeutic counseling together.

I have a twenty-five years of experience in the counseling field.  
I use a holistic and client-centered approach.  

I have an acute abililty to see dysfunctional patterns and use compassion and gentle confrontation to address your conerns.

I have been trained in many techniques of therapy; including  schooled in many brain alterning techniques that build new neural pathways in your brain.  This process helps with what was previously thought to be hard-wired brain neuropathways of thoughts and  actions; into the real existence of brain pathways being more plastic and changeable.  Thus, we are able to learn and integrate new information on a profoundly deeper and longlasting level.

These techniques are very helpful in reframing past traumas into more positive action and life experience. 

 I also use a systems approach, cognitive-behavioral, body/mind/spirit awareness, family-of-origin, Lifespan Integration, art, and spiritual aspects to assist in the process of your work.

I  like to work from an educational point of view.  I believe that educating the client with expertise from my experience with hundreds of clients and validated scienctific research is beneficial in understanding the total perspective for change.

We will work with your strengths, while also creating new and healthier patterns of functioning.

Langley, WA 98260

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Elizabeth Polasek, M.A., LMHC
            33 Years of Experience
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